Sunday, September 9, 2007

Money holder tutorial

This is super duper easy to make! My mom came to me and said do you think you can make a money holder? I said "SURE! I can figure it out" I looked online and tried to find one but didn't find one I liked really so I used what the banks give when giving back money as inspiration.
Take a sheet of double sided paper 7"x7 3/4"
On the 7 3/4" side, Score at 3" and 6" as shown.

Randomly cut out part of both sides

Using sticky tape, tape along the back

Fold down the long 3" side

Put sticky red tape on the bottom of the short flap

Fold over to make your money holder

Decorate to your desire!


stampt said...

Cute! I'll have to give this a try. Great job on your first tutorial!

Bugga in OK said...

You are very creative to think this up. It looks great and easy to do. Thanks for sharing.


Simple and Southern said...

Very cute. Great job and very creative. You explained everything very well.

xxoo Tammy said...

nice job! I understood every bit of it=good thing!


Crissy said...

Good job. Looks so easy to do. This will come in handy for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!!!

Shannan said...

Very cute!!! Awesome job.

Stampmouse said...

great tutorial

Dawn Mercedes said...

Very neat tutorial!