Thursday, August 9, 2007

My wild man Kip

I figured since I'd told y'all about Kip it'd be a good idea to show you a picture of him. :) The monster rubbing his knotty head on Kip is one of my cat's, Magic. He's a sweet cat but he just can't seem to get enough of Kip!


UK MUM IN USA said...

Cute photo, greyhounds are such loyal dogs. Good start to your blog I just started one too.

Ginger said...

Love the picture of your greyhound! I'd love one day to adopt a retired racer and, perhaps in the future, show greyhounds in conformation shows. I currently share our home with three Standard Poodles - definitely a high maintenance hairdo for conformation! I'd rather start with something a little sleeker! :^)

Good job on your new blog.